How To Handle And Operate A Concrete Pump Safely

Concrete pumps are rather simple pieces of equipment. However, you should be aware that you should know and implement the safety rules that will keep you away from injuries.

The first condition for operating a concrete pump safely is to read and understand the user manual and the safety instructions that come with the equipment. You should proceed exactly as instructed, and wear all the protective equipment mentioned in the manual. Ignoring these instructions may lead to severe injuries. Moreover, you can harm the other people around, the workers, the walkers and everybody else in the operating range of the concrete pump. This is something you have to take very seriously, in order to avoid such incidents. If you work in a team, you need to instruct all other members on the safety rules of operating the pump.

The daily inspection of the equipment and of all accessories is a must, as this can help you prevent accidents. You should perform the inspection before the pump starts. Should you notice anything unusual, you should fix the problem above everything else. Never start an equipment that doesn’t pass this regular inspection with flying colors.

The pump flow rates should match the discharge rates of the delivery trucks. This is important, as different rates may lead to accidents. Ideally, you should have clear view of the hose hand and of the hopper. If the operating position of the pump doesn’t allow you to have clear view, you should make sure another competent individual is based at the hopper. This person will have to shut down the pump when needed.

Last but not least, you should never leave the equipment unattended. This means you shouldn’t let the delivery truck driver to be the only one to supervise the pumping of the concrete. Moreover, the person in charge to attend the pump should be experienced and knowledgeable. Never assign this job to an apprentice.

By following all these instructions, you may never experience any incidents during concrete pouring operations. When the equipment is carefully checked and the regular maintenance works are always taken care of, concrete pumps don’t pose any major safety risks. Pick a reliable contractor to perform all maintenance works and all repairs, we recommend a concrete pumping brisbane for your everyday uses. However if you are in Sydney, you can try concrete pumping sydney also.

Just follow the instructions from the manufacturer and the safety rules and regulations, wear your protective equipment, and you’re going to be just fine.

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